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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Remember---This Saturday Night

Republican Presidential election advice for 2016

Women, to the Republican Party

Republicans want SMALL GOVERNMENT, dammit!!!!

They want small government.

Well, unless it's about abortion.

And unless it's about women's reproductive rights.

And unless it's about 2 people of the same sex loving one another.

And unless it's about a new, upcoming car company, challenging the status quo.

And unless it's about tax cuts for "Big Oil."

And unless it's about creating a wholly unnecessary, new agency called "Homeland Security" that happens to make lots of money for the sitting Vice President's multi-million (billion?) dollar company.

And unless it's about gerrymandering district borders for votes for themselves.

And unless it's about tax cuts to offshore manufacturing.

And unless it's about tax breaks for fossil fuels.

Other than that, yeah, they want "small government."

I'm glad we could clear this up.

Entertainment Overnight -- All About That Bass

40's version

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Entertainment Overnight -- Budweiser hits it out of the ballpark

I don't think I'm the only one that thinks Budweiser made a rare, terrific commercial here.

"I'm back. I'm back."

White Privilege, by the numbers

From the original post:

This Comic Strip Explains White Privilege Perfectly




A Challenge -- to any and every American

What America's priorities are-----and what they should be


Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Entertainment Overnight -- the Evolution of (Pop) Music

What America needs to do

We can do this

Is America turning into a Third World "banana republic"?

Since the 2008 financial near-collapse in America and for the last 30 years, there's been an attack on the middle class in this country:

The Attack on America's Middle Class

7 Things the Middle Class Can’t Afford Anymore

Then, more recently, the UN says Detroit is violating human rights there by cutting off water to the poor:

UN Reps ‘Deeply Disturbed’ That Detroit Is Shutting Off Water To People Who Don’t Pay Their Bills

Now Amnesty International weighs in on the Ferguson, Missouri debacle:

Amnesty International: Ferguson Cops Committed Human Rights Abuses

Take this into consideration:

What's become of us, America?

What's becoming of us?

And maybe most importantly:

What are we going to do about it?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sam Brownback takes another deserved and very fair beating

A very fair indictment of Republican Governor Sam Brownback, Republican and Right Wing "trickle down" economic theories, American media in general, the American voting public and Meet the Press, in specific (note--expletives ahead):

The truly frightening state of Americans, media and our sources for news

I saw the scariest study of Americans and how we get our news now. Check this little beauty out:

The headline alone was enough to frighten a person. Unfortunately, if not surprisingly, it went on to get only worse:

(CNN) -- More Americans get their news from the Internet than from newspapers or radio, and three-fourths say they hear of news via e-mail or updates on social media sites, according to a new report.

Sixty-one percent of Americans said they get at least some of their news online, according to a survey by the
Pew Internet and American Life Project.

That's compared with 54 percent who said they listen to a radio news program and 50 percent who said they read a national or local print newspaper.

There was one little glimmer of hope in all this:

Almost all respondents, 92 percent, said they get their news from more than one platform.

Thank goodness for that last little tidbit, anyway. At least people arent' completely "single-sourcing" their news. At least as far as they admit, anyway.

Thinking of the situation, that online, we all merely tune in to those sources that tilt or lean to our preconceived, already decided upon views, that's disheartening.

In the past, the news was the newspaper in the morning (and evening, if you're that old). It was a better, more overall look at our society and the news. Yes, newspapers still might lean "Left" or "Right", more or less Conservative or Liberal but they were a broader, more encompassing view of what was occurring in the nation and world. We didn't have control. We couldn't turn it off. 

Sure, you could ignore different editorials and columnists but by and large, one was given a better view of what was going on in the world.

Turn to today, with the internet and media, especially since the Republicans had us throw out the more balancing "Fairness Doctrine" in our laws which forced media sources to give two sides to each issue, and now we're far more tuning in to what we merely already agree with and what we want to hear.

It's truly scary.

Naturally, it's extremely polarizing. It makes us far more Republicans vs. Democrats or Liberals vs. Conservatives or--probably worst of all---"Left Wing" vs. "Right Wing."

With that same study, recently, though, yet more information came out:

This is one more big, rather new though not fully surprising development.

News? People getting their "news"? From Facebook?

I can't think of any more shallow or slanted source to get your "news" from than Facebook since most people, especially there, just "like" what they agree with and only follow such. Heaven knows I'm guilty of that. I don't even keep old friends from high school as Facebook friends after I've found they've turned into Right Wing and/or Republican shills.

We're bad and getting worse, clearly.

And the thing is, for all the great things coming from the Millenials and "X" and "Y" generations---like watching less and less television, needing, wanting and buying less automobiles, their turning away from the hates and prejudices of their parents and society and wanting to pollute our world less, etc.--this whole trend will no doubt get worse and worse with the oncoming of yet more and more technology on their part and that of our society.

It doesn't give me hope. At least it doesn't on this one topic.

With all that sour news, due to that study, comes this news, today, to prove the point:

Thursday Cable Ratings: Fox News #1 During NYC Ebola Breaking News

Here we have a serious situation in the country, responding to a possibly, even likely deadly disease and what "media" outlet is the number one source for people for news on it?

Fox?  Fox "News"? Faux News?

Go ahead. Shoot me now.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Entertainment Overnight -- Oh

I love you oh, so well

Enjoy your weekend, y'all.

Why we so desperately need a jobs/infrastructure bill from this Congress

"The global economy is more precarious right now than it's been since 2008. China's growth is slowing precipitously, Europe is on the very of recession or deflation, Japan is barely growing, and the United States cannot maintain sufficient aggregate demand without a larger and more buoyant middle class. Interest rates are rock-bottom. Under these circumstances, you might expect governments to borrow more to stimulate their economies. But Germany in the eurozone, and Republicans in the U.S., are still insisting on austerity." 

--Robert Reich

Instead, there is the desire on the part of one political party, quite frankly, the Republicans, to put their own party and their success ahead of that of the nation, people and economy be damned. 

We all know that. 

Why else would they totally avoid an infrastructure/jobs bill from this or the last Congress when the American people need the jobs? the infrastructure needs the updating and improving and the economy needs the boost? They don't want this president or his political party to gain any "points" or to be perceived as having any success so screw you, America.

Abraham Lincoln: On Corporations

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”
-President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864 (letter to Col. William F. Elkins)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Entertainment Overnight -- The Correct Way to Rob a Bank

How Bad Our Politicians, Politics and Elections Have Gotten

This past week, there were two excellent examples of how small our politicians, our politics and our elections have gotten.

Here's the first one:

Michelle Nunn’s Dad Donated To Obama Before She Refused To Say Whether She Voted For Him
I mean really, how "weak-kneed" are you that you can't even own up to whomever you voted for? If you can't do  that, how will you be able to take a real stand if, as you're apparently trying, you're elected to ofifice? It seems clear you would end up being a person who would merely wait for some other, higher up political party official or organization to tell you how to vote and speaak.
And then there was this beauty:

Charlie Crist Cannot Have His Small Fan at Our Debate

This was a real stunner.

It seems Florida Governor Rick Scott was to debate challenger Charlie Crist. No problem, right? But according to the article, Governor Crist wouldn't come out to debate for 7 minutes. It seems he didn't think Mr. Crist had a fan to keep him cool. The Governor thought it disallowed by the rules. The rules read like this:

"Candidates will be fitted with lavaliere microphones and will stand at podiums. Candidates may not bring visual aids, notes, or electronic devices to the debate, but will be provided with a pad and pen to take notes during the debate."

This is how far down, how low our political discourse and elections have gotten. We need to be better than this. We need to rise above this level of discourse and concentrate on what's best for the people and nation, not these small, petty issues.

Missourians, your courts are being bought

I've been writing, nearly screaming, about our government representatives being bought, especially by the Right Wing and wealthy and Republicans and corporations, all, for some time. This story, now, today, from Crooks & Liars comes to us straight out of our own state, Missouri and it's shameful:

Who Is That Mystery Megadonor Trying To Buy A Judge's Election In Missouri?

The leading candidate for the six-figure donation to the failing candidate's kitty is Rex Sinquefield, but no one knows for sure.

Who would want to drop six figures into the campaign of a guy who had less than $100 just a month ago? Why, someone who wants all the judges in the state capital to be Republicans, of course!
A month ago, Missouri GOP prosecutor Brian Stumpe had less than $100 on hand in his campaign to unseat Cole County Circuit Court Judge Patricia Joyce, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Now, just a few weeks later, he has received $100,000 -- all of it funneled into his campaign by a national group, the Republican State Leadership Committee, which has spent a total of $200,000 so far in this race for a single state judgeship.
So just what the heck is going on? Democrats and liberals on the ground in Missouri would tell you that somebody is trying to purchase the judgeship, and they have some suspicions about some Koch-esque Missouri multi-millionaires who might be behind the RSLC's interest in the race.
Why would they do that? Because Cole County, home to 75,000 people, contains Jefferson City, the Missouri state capital. So in most cases where somebody is suing the state government, those cases are heard in the Cole County Circuit Court. It is similar to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals at the federal level, in that case an appellate court with an outsized influence.
"If you sue the state of Missouri, if there's a lawsuit in which you're bringing a constitutional question or challenging ballot language or a fiscal note by a state auditor, those cases are directed to the Cole County Circuit Court," Roy Temple, chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party, told TPM. "It is a judgeship that has statewide importance."
Joyce is the only Democratic judge at the Cole County Circuit Court; her two colleagues are Republican. So ousting her would, in theory, be a significant win for Republicans looking to influence the outcome of the kind of cases Temple described. That helps explain why the Republican State Leadership Committee, which is currently chaired by former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and formerly chaired by Virginia GOP Senate candidate Ed Gillespie, would take an interest.

It's disgusting. It's immoral. Sure. Unfortunately it's legal because, hey, the Republicans made it legal, so long ago.

It's why we have to fight. We have to fight to end campaign contributions, period. It has to come from us.

Quote of the Day -- on a World Balance

Buckminster Fuller helped pave the way toward innovation and sustainability through technology. His work also inspired and informed Nassim Haramein on his path to describing the geometry of the fabric of the vacuum. 

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